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IT services for students

IT Services for students at the dept. of Geology

As student you have access both to the university wide systems available for all students and to systems specific for Dept. of Geology. The department specific services are mainly filesharing and backup.

On the Student portal you will find more information about the university wide services. Below is what is specific for dept. of Geology.

Computer accounts

To be able to login to the computers at the department you need both a ”Novell”-account and a ”Student”-account. The Novell account give you access to personal and shared folders on the file servers. The Student account give you access to printers, wifi, programs, email etc.

Contact Gert Pettersson (rum 235, tel +4646-2228693) to get a Novell account.

The credentials (username and passwords) to your Student account is sent to you before your first course starts. With the Student account you also get an e-mail account. This e-mail account is used by the department for important information so you must check it regularly! If you don’t like to use this mail account you must forward incoming e-mail to whatever account you prefer to use. You do this by browsing to and log in there. Choose My E-mail=> Settings=> Forwarding and POP/IMAP=> Add a forwarding address. Enter the e-mail address you like to forward your e-mail to.

Computer lab

To log in to the lab computers you start with the Novell account. If you get another login window for “This computer” you should enter you Student-account. Enter the username like this: uw\<Student-konto>

i.e. uw\geo09abc

Don’t save anything on the computers C:-drive or desktop! If something happens with the computer, it will be wiped and reinstalled. Then everything located at C: or the desktop will be erased. Save your files on G: or M: (see below) instead.

Also be cautious with USB-drives. Only use them to copy files and make sure your files are stored in other places (like G: or your private computer) too. USB-drives are forgotten, lost and broken quite often!

Log out of the computer when you are ready. You are responsible for what’s done with the computer as long as you are logged in.

Server folders

When you have logged in to a computer in the computer lab or through one of the web pages:
you will have access to the folders on the department servers. The volumes that are relevant to you are:

  • G: - which is your home volume. Only you have access to this volume and you will reach it from all department computers you log in to. You should save your personal files here to have them easily available.
  • M: - is the students common volume. It should be used for common projects and tasks.

 Both G: and M: are backed up every night.


During this autumn there will be a transition from our old system, Uniflow, to the new system, Papercut. Papercut will not be activated before Oct 15. Until then you need to use Uniflow. Both systems will run in parallell from Oct 15 until Dec 31 when Uniflow will be deactivated. More information is found on


Uniflow is common to N-, HT-, LTH- and J-faculties. Print to the printer "Uniflow" and the job will be placed in a common queue. You may then go to any Uniflow-connected printer and log in to the printer to print your job. It does not cost anything until it’s printed.

The cost is:

  • B/w A4 – 50 öre
  • B/w A3 – 1 kr
  • Color A4 – 2 kr
  • Color A3 – 4 kr

When using duplex printing there is a 20% discount.

In and outside the computer lab are two Uniflow printers: Trilobit 1 and 2. In the Geolibrary there is another Uniflow printer.

To be able to print you must first create a Payex account. It is through the Payex account your printings will be charged on your bank card. You also have to connect your Stil account to your Payex account. The procedure is described here. NB! Don't enter more money than necessary to your Payex account. At the end of the autumn the Uniflow system is shut down. Switch to Papercut as soon as it is running and you have consumed all money on your Payex account.

Here is a guide on how to handle the printer.

You may print from your own laptop, phone or other device by e-mailing your PDF, doc or docx files to canon [at] print [dot] lth [dot] se . Please note, this only works if you send from an email address that is connected to your PayEx account.


The new print system Papercut will not be active until Oct 15. The information on this page will be updated when Papercut is activated.


If you run into problems or have questions or opinions please contact

Gert Pettersson (Room 235, behind Pangea, gert [dot] pettersson [at] geol [dot] lu [dot] se, +46462228693)

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