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Research projects

Examples of projects from which samples have been or are being dated at this laboratory.
  • Aeolian activity in the Nordic landscapes: an unexplored landscape-forming process. H. Alexanderson, M. Bernhardson, R. Shrestha, S. Florén, E. Kalińska-Nartiša.
  • IODP Baltic expedition. H. Alexanderson, T. Andrén, R. Shrestha
  • Applying SEM in aeolian settings. E. Kalińska-Nartiša
  • OSL dating of sediments from Zemgale, Central Latvia. E. Kalińska-Nartiša
  • Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of aeolian sediments and palaeo-environment of central Skåne, south Sweden. R. Shrestha.
  • Ice extent and ice-free periods during the last ice age in northern Sweden. H. Alexanderson, M. Hättestrand.
  • OSL dating of interglacial and interstadial deposits on Prins Karls Forland, W Svalbard. H. Alexanderson, Ó. Ingolfsson.
  • OSL dating of sediments from former Lake Bungunnia, Australia. H. Alexanderson, E. Haltia-Hovi, I. Snowball.


Project members
Members of the aeolian sand project: Martin Bernhardson, Sara Florén, Edyta Kalińska-Nartiša and Helena Alexanderson.
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Professor Helena Alexanderson
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